New York DWI Defense Lawyers

New York DWI (DUI) Defense Lawyers in Syracuse

New York DWI Defense Lawyers from Arrest to Appeal

A DWI charge is serious and complex. Each case is different and it is important to contact the right attorney as soon as possible. The DWI Team at Azria & Bruffett is trained, experienced, and highly competent. We ensure that our clients understand the charge they are facing and then work tirelessly to move good people past a difficult situation.

The most common DWI charge results from a reasonable cause to believe that someone was intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway.

Factors that could intensify the situation include having a child in the vehicle, driving recklessly, having a property damage or personal injury accident, high blood alcohol content, prior DWI/DWAI/Criminal convictions, lack of cooperation, open containers, underage drinking, or poor driving history.

Discussing your charge with a trained attorney is the best way to examine the situation and ensure your rights are protected from beginning to end. At Azria & Bruffett, we never charge to evaluate your case and are available to help you in any way we can.


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